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Bird Box (2014)

by Josh Malerman(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 6
0062259652 (ISBN13: 9780062259653)
review 1: This was recommended to me by the owner of an independent book shop in Petoskey, a place I take my family every year for vacation. The guy has never steered me wrong, and he proved reliable once again. Bird Box is one of the tensest reads I've experience in a while. Some mysterious global event is occurring, in which people see something and instantly lose their sanity, becoming violent to people around them and to themselves. No one still alive knows what exactly these people are seeing, as they can't describe it and all end up dead. The survivors are forced to live in boarded up houses, and when forced to go outside, they have to do so blindfolded, as even a glimpse of the outdoors can trigger the madness. Malerman is masterful at taking that conceit and using it to driv... moree the reader to a maddening level of suspense and anxiety. The book is not without its flaws, for sure, but it is well worth reading, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a horror novel you can't put down. It's only about 260 pages, but I read it in almost 24 hours.
review 2: Venturing into something for Halloween season that would be on the paranormal thriller side of things. The story spans across several years but only focuses on a few key points. It follows Malorie and two children who are travelling by boat on a river hoping to find something. They are blind folded. Then it travels back to when the world fell into a terrible event that drove people insane and killed the population off. Few survived it seems and Malorie stumbles to a home and finds others. The story turns into how they are trying to manage and also unravel the mystery of what is happening in the world. The concept is rather simple, the writing very effective in keeping things tense. An enjoyable read so 4 stars for me. less
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great book that dwindled to not much
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