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Zwei Oder Drei Dinge, Die Ich Dir Nicht Erzählt Habe (2014)

by Joyce Carol Oates(Favorite Author)
2.88 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: I've heard amazing things about Joyce Carol Oates, so when I read this book, the first book I have ever read by her, I was sorely disappointed. I don't find the book to be written well at all, and I'm really not a critical person when it comes to how a book is written, because I know each author has a different style. I also feel that there was no connection between these stories. Besides the fact that these girls are tied together by the death of a friend, there was no reason to even have them in the same book. Every time a few pages went by with no mention of Tink, the girl who tied the other girls together, I often felt like I was reading three different books. There were also tons of characters I couldn't keep up with because they were completely useless to the plot. I... more also noted SEVERAL continuity errors, including one in particular that really bothers me:"Her parents had joint custody of Chloe and her younger brother..." (95-96)"Chloe had no sisters or brothers" (148)I also became livid when I read Nadia's description. 5'4" and 115 pounds? Are you KIDDING me? This is a completely normal weight, arguably even on the thin side. It would be one thing if Nadia were described to have body dysmorphia or something of the sort, but OTHERS also perceived her as fat. That's RIDICULOUS.
review 2: I was really excited to read this novel. But in the end, to be honest, I think this novel is just a bit of a mess. Firstly the sentence structure seemed off and strange, e.g. there was a lot of long, dragged out sentences that disrupted the natural flow of reading the novel.Also, the change in narrators and tenses confused me. I felt like as a reader I was introduced into one concept of the novel and then abruptly changed to another plot line or something else without understanding the first concept. For example, the book centres around the suicide of Tink, but then it doesn't really at the same time. And the change in narrating characters enhanced this, like what ever happened to Merissa? Her parent's relationship? Also, the ending felt really inconclusive, and who opens a whole new can of worms in the last chapter? The whole thing felt jumbled and unresolved.Okay, and now, the characters. Merissa annoyed me in several ways, she seemed downright bitchy and cold in general to her friends. Her character wasn't developed in a sufficient way in that I was able to feel sympathy towards her when her parent's marriage falls apart and she begins cutting herself. (Side note: did anyone else think that the details of Merissa's cutting were a bit over done and heavy-handed?) But I couldn't feel for her, because she felt like a stranger to me. Tink, well Tink was just a huge mystery to me, I didn't understand her one bit, her relationship with her mother, her impulsive and erratic behaviour. And lastly, Nadia. Okay, not going to lie, I hated Nadia. She comes across as so stupidly naive, childlike and so freaking pathetic. Maybe I'm being harsh, but Nadia drove me crazy. Overall, I didn't really dislike the novel, I just didn't understand it, or was able to wrap my head around it. Maybe it's just me. less
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I am going to read this book to review for SLJ.
didn't finish. don't recommend.
Total disappointment. :(
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