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Uccellino Del Paradiso (2011)

by Joyce Carol Oates(Favorite Author)
3.3 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: BLERGH. 1. How can anyone write a novel this repetitive yet it becomes a bestseller? Also, nothing happens in this book. Literally. Nothing. Happens.2. The only part worth reading (or in my case, listening to) is the latter half of Part III. If you're still not convinced and decide to commit, just skip the first two-thirds and start here. You'll thank me later.3. The main character Krista's obsession with her father is gross. I get really, really uncomfortable hearing "Daddy" over and over again. In second place is a tie: Krista's obsession with gross Aaron and Aaron's obsession and frustration for lame-o Krista.4. I don't understand how anyone could classify this book as a love story. It's anything but, the characters are completely unlikeable and some are just gross skan... moreky, deadbeat trailer trash with inevitable demises.
review 2: Gore Vidal once said that the 3 saddest words in the English language were, "Joyce Carol Oates". Great sound bite by Vidal who was himself a writer of much renown. Vidal also quipped after the passing of Truman Capote, "great career move". When you're right you are right.Oates is more a typist than a writer, but in Little Bird on a Wire she is on a roll.I liked this book. It was fun and easy to read. Sometimes I need a book to just be EASY and Joyce never lets me down.After picking up this book a few years ago, I kept on reading Oates until I had exhausted all my local library had to offer, which was easily two shelfs worth.If I had to pick one contemporary author I would most like to meet, Joyce would be my choice. Alice Munro would be my second choice. Joyce is a great American treasure and Alice a great Canadian treasure. I wonder what they think of one another? less
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I really wanted to like this book but JCO goes round and round with lengthy conversations between characters over the same information to the point of tedium. The time-frame also jumps forward and back, and forward again with dizzying speed. It was more engaging toward the end, when 'Krull' narrated, but wading through Book 1 to get to those sections was like floundering through mud. I didn't really care what happened to anyone and the resolution was just flat, as if JCO decided she finally had to end it somehow and took a quick way out.
All I can say about this book is, I'm upset that the few hours that I spent reading it, I'll never get back. OMG. This writer took the expression, "beating a dead horse" to a whole new level. I have never read a book where the same information has been repeated so many times. I got through the first 100 pages, and didn't learn anything new from the first chapter. I asked myself, "Can I do another 300 pages of this? ". Hell no. I gave it my best shot. I have no more to give. It's done. Moving on.
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