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Henrietta's War: News From The Home Front 1939-1942 (1985)

by Joyce Dennys(Favorite Author)
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1408802813 (ISBN13: 9781408802816)
Bloomsbury Publishing Plc
review 1: Set at the beginning of World War 2, this book is a series of letters between Henrietta, a doctor's wife, and her childhood friend Robert, who is off in France, fighting. Henrietta lives in a village in Devon, and describes the preparation for a potential invasion in all their quirks and absurdities. We hear about the local characters and gossip, as well as some of Henrietta's well intentioned deeds that sometimes go terribly awry. Her stories cover everything from covering the windows with fabric, including a pair of her husband's favorite pajamas, to air raid siren drills, the challenges of rationing (the lack of rouge is handled by one woman by growing red geraniums, while another makes a disastrous attempt at marmalade), and Henrietta's attempt at a victory garden. The... morere are a variety of colorful characters, from a woman who writes Hitler a letter each night, to the Ladies Aid society in their precise uniforms who deem Henrietta's sewing and knitting skills to be subpar for the war effort. It is a delightful and humorous look at English life and the small, but powerful strengths and resolve of a people at war. I am looking forward to reading the sequel.
review 2: Actually a bit interesting. Written by a lady that actually lived during WWII and wrote these little "letters" in some English newspaper. They were compliled and made into a book. If you enjoy war time tidbits, especially from the British house wife point of view then this is a fun little read. If you don't, then you may find some of it interesting, but perhaps may want to spend you time elsewhere. less
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Couldn't put it down. Clever. True to the period. Illustrations are priceless.
Such a charming book, and unexpected treat.
Lent to me by Mom.
So funny!
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