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Prayers Of Agnes Sparrow (2009)

by Joyce Magnin(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 5
1426707509 (ISBN13: 9781426707506)
Abingdon Press Fiction
Bright's Pond
review 1: This took me way too long to read, which is usually an indication that I was not really into the book. However, there was something about it that made me not just toss it aside. What that was, I am not sure, considering that I didn't like any of the characters, thinking most to be foolish and pathetic and most parts of the storyline seemed too far-fetched and unbelievable within the novel's context. I especially didn't like Agnes (pathetic) or Griselda (foolish and pathetic) who were the two main characters. I just could not find a soft spot in me for anyone. In fact, if any of these people really existed and I knew, I would quietly judge and poke fun at all of them. Except Vidalia, maybe. But that is a very small maybe.Also, it was COVERED in grammatical errors, which I c... moreannot stand. Ridiculous, cringe-worthy errors, like using role for roll of paper towels. The editing was atrocious; as if no one read it. So why did I keep reading it? I guess there was a part of me that I hoped that at least one of these people would change for the best or progress. But they didn't. Agnes finally lifting the burden from her sister seemed too quick and insincere and Griselda's walking away from Agnes came off like she was an middle-schooler angry that her sister didn't tell her a secret instead of a woman sick of taking care of a person who intentionally put herself into an invalid position.
review 2: An easy and captivating read. The narrator was relatable and her voice spot-on. I feel like I got to know the citizens of Bright's Pond well, yet in the end I'm not quite sure how I feel about their story. A major conflict was a bit too superficial, in my opinion, and could have been resolved in a more meaningful way. I'm not sure if the author had a specific intention with this story, a perspective she wished to pass on to others. To some degree, I appreciate the ambiguity here, which allows the reader to reflect and make his/her own assumptions and judgments on the characters and their actions. I would read another Bright's Pond novel. less
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kinda hard to finsh the story. not as heart warming and feel good as Harriet beamer books
Not much of a story line. Nothing really interesting happened
Moral of the story -- fat girls are weird.
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