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A Touch Of Honor (2013)

by J.P. Grider(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 4
0989161404 (ISBN13: 9780989161404)
Fated Hearts Publishing
The Honor Trilogy
review 1: At first glance Honor is just like every teenage student going through every day teenage worries, but Honor is different she feels everyone else's pain. Honor doesn't realise this until the hot 6ft something Ethan comes along, Honor had always thought that it was her that was ill, she is infact an empath, not only can she feel their pain but also remove it from them.Honor and Ethan soon become an item as he tries to help her deal with her emotions, this doesn't run smooth especially when Ethan's evil brother Storm turns up (this bit reminds me of the Vampire Diairies), Honor is torn as she doesn't believe Storm is as evil as Ethan makes out. Storm also brings news that a mysterious empath wants something that was left to Honor by one of her relatives. This starts Honor,... more Ethan and Storm on a course to find the item left to Honor.As this book is told from Honors point of view in parts of the book I did feel sorry for her as she struggled with her powers and with her selflessness of wanting to make everyone better, in other parts she was annoying and I just wanted to give her a slap, but I guess all teenagers are annoying at some point.I liked Honors quirky friend Tamsin, Ethan and Storm were both likeable characters, I like complexity of Storm and felt sorry for him as his story unfolded.It didn't quiet grab me as much as Twilight or The Vampire Diairies, I was disappointed at that but it really started getting interesting at the end, building the story up of not just the love triangle between Honor, Ethan and Storm, by the end I had to continue to find where the story went.
review 2: What if you could heal whomever you chose to touch?Honor's parents have home schooled her since she was little because when she is around others, she gets very sick. Her bones actually ache. Keeping to herself is not going to work this last year of high school though. Honor quickly saves a girl from being raped because she could literally feel it happening, as if to her. They quickly become friends but still Honor is at a loss as to why she is in pain all the time. Ethan is always looking at Honor, he wants to talk to her, he wants to date her, but Honor can't figure out why this hot guy is so vested in her. After all everyone else thinks she is a freak. When the two finally talk, Honor quickly finds out that she is an em-path who can heal others that are sick or hurting with just a simple touch. Pretty cool right? The clincher is.... the more she heals others, the more chances are that she will die young. When she heals others, she takes on their pain and eventually her body will fail her or so Ethan claims. I found myself extremely caught up in this story, and the twists and turns Honor's and Ethan's lives take. The relationship they form together is real and undeniable. Until one day, Ethan's brother Storm who he can't stand, signs up for high school. Then things really heat up. Honor finds herself attracted to Storm but still feels a strong emotional connection with Ethan. She can't figure out where her feelings lie and if she really cares or if her em-path abilities are just confusing her further. Such a fast moving, non-stop heart pounding story of a girl who can save people from pain but then suffers the consequences of her actions. The author J. P Grider does an amazing job in this first book of a three part trilogy. Although I am only reviewing book one for this blog tour, let me just say... the rest of the series is just as good as this first installment. "He asks, and I literally feel his hurt deep in my heart. Storm is hurting and I don't want to make it worse, though I cannot explain why." Lovers of the paranormal will eat this novel up for its true to life mix of high school with a paranormal flair. Readers who enjoy young adult will devour the love triangle that ensues with Honor, Ethan and Storm. Finally, you fantasy readers will enjoy this book for its amazing and detailed story of an em-path who can't decide between saving herself or others. less
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Surprised I was caught up in a paranormal romance novel, but it was excellent!
3.5 Stars Review Under BookJunkyGirls
Hmmm Ethan or Storm?
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