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Rainy Nights (2000)

by J.R. Rain(Favorite Author)
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review 1: I thoroughly enjoyed 'Rainy Nights'. Each novel brings you into three different stories yet intertwine with each other throughout each series.'Moon Dance' is book one from the series 'A Vampire For Hire'. I loved the storyline and it's not your average vampire read. I was pulled in from the beginning. The way the story played out was awesome. I loved the characters. Samantha is one kick-ass lead. I love her humor and her outlook on her new life. A great read. Definitely a series I'll follow. Well written.'Dark Horse' is the first book from 'A Jim Knighthorse' series. I loved the storyline and how it played out. The characters were great, even with Jim being so egotistical, yet he has a great sense of humor. I look forward to reading more of this series.'A Vampire With the ... moreDragon Tattoo' is not what I expected, it was better. I loved the storyline and how Spinoza's character completely took me by surprise. I kind of expected him to be a little more passive, yet, you get in his way when he's on a case and he breaks out his inner fighter. I liked how he commits himself to a case. The characters are great. I would love to see this novel turn into a series as well. But I'll take what I can get. Well written. Overall, 'Rainy Nights' is a great add to your tbr list. Recommended read.
review 2: Rainy Nights is made up of three of J. R. Rains novels. Moon Dance features Samantha Moon a vampire who is also a private detective. In the book she is hired by Kingsley Fulcrun to find out who had tried to kill him.The second book is Dark Knight which features Jim Knighthorse.In the story he is hired to find out who killed student Amanda Peterson, as it is believed that her boyfriend has been wrongly arrested for the murder. The final book is The Vampire With The Dragon Tattoo and it is the first in the Spinoza Trilogy.In the story Spinoza is hired by Gladys to find Veronica who has disappeared.All three stories in the collection are easy to read and thoroughly enjoyable.I have a feeling I will find myself returning to this book as I really did enjoy it.I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to look into the author's work, and if like me you enjoy it you can go on to read further books from the three series the books come from. less
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I was not very happy with this book. I can normally read a book in 1 or 2 days, it took me 4days
awesome first glance at other characters from Samantha moon series
I used all three books as my workout books, it was a great read.
Great light read. Loved the new angles for vampires.
An alright read but noting too special
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