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Ukelele Hayley (2000)

by Judy Cox(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: Hayley finds an old ukulele at a garage sale. She learns how to play and starts a uke band at school. The school board wants to cut costs so they are going to cut the music program at school. Hayley and her friends organize a protest at the school board meeting to get the music program reinstated. Learning the ukulele really brings Hayley out of her shell and helps her make friends and make a difference in her school. There is a good lesson in here about standing up for yourself and for what is right. Nice beginning chapter book.
review 2: A charming story about a shy girl who finds her "voice" through music, particularly a ukulele. Hayley is small (and unhappy about the moniker "shrimp" that seems now attached to her) and shy and unsure of her talent (when th
... moree new music teacher announces a talent show) but the whimsical purchase of a ukulele changes all of that. Hayley's family is definitely middle class, struggling with dad's job loss but in a positive way, she is loved in an absent-minded kind of fashion and the laid back nature of the story helps it to ring true. The importance of music in how it brings kids together, builds confidence and creates community is clearly revealed in the development of the story. I knew the resolution would be a good one but I still couldn't put it down. less
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One Sentence Review: Cheery and fun this was quite the enjoyable little read.
Fantastic book for red headed ukelele players and future leaders of America!
It's about a girl who plays the ukulele! What's not to like!? :)
Great, highly recommend!
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