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Cutting Teeth (2014)

by Julia Fierro(Favorite Author)
3.03 of 5 Votes: 4
125004202X (ISBN13: 9781250042026)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: It had so much promise! Five families with young kids converge on an E. Coast beach house for a long weekend. But ultimately it seemed like Fierro, a mom of young kids herself, was trying to cram all of the annoying habits and practices of a certain class of hyper-anxious parents into these characters, which made them implausible and unlikeable. I never have a problem with unlikeable, but these characters felt like an amalgam of all these annoying traits.
review 2: The writing was sharp, the humor cynical and biting, and it's really full of drama that just gets going from the start. But though I love books told from different points-of-view, this book may have too many characters swimming around on the last weekend of Summer. It was hard to keep straight and
... more it doesn't help that all the characters are pretty unlikeable. It was funny, yes. But the ending left me feeling a little disappointed. Also, it will make you 100% certain you never want to join a mommy group. less
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I don't have young children around anymore, but this was a very fun read. Really enjoyed it.
Cutting teeth? Felt more like pulling teeth, for me to even be able to finish it.
I loved this book. could not put it down. I wish there was a sequil!
Very entertaining book about a group of upscale Brooklyn parents.
Guilty pleasure. Very voyeuristic.
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