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Fall For Me (2013)

by K.A. Last(Favorite Author)
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K. A. Last
The Tate Chronicles
review 1: The main characters are Grace and Archer Tate, Emma, Ryan, Josh, Seth, and Charlotte. Grace is an angel and the protector of her twin brother Archer. Emma and Ryan are mortals and they get caught up in the middle of a war between Angels, Fallen Angels, and Vampires! Charlotte is a vampire who is special, she has a pure soul and all the vampires want her because her blood will give them special powers. Grace is devoted to her family and friends so much that she takes a stand against the “Council” and risks it all to take a stand for what she believes in. Grace is also caught in a love triangle between Josh and Seth. Josh is mortal and has always loved Gracie, Seth is a fallen angel and he too has always loved Grace. Grace is torn between the two loving each one. ... moreThere are some twists and turns in the story that keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next. This is going to be a good series where we will all be on the edge of our seats waiting to see what Grace’s final choice will be.
review 2: Fall for me starts where Seth renounces all he has ever known. The scene where he sheds one tear that Grace catches in her hand and watches it turn into a diamond - I loved that, very moving. Grace is still on her indefinite protection duty. Honestly I think it would be really hard living as a new sister to a campire hunter over and over again. But she does it with flair and well grace. And Seth always there to try and have a chance to talk, to explain, to what??? Just what does Seth want?Oh Grace, she may be an angel but a good looking guy cant stop her angelic heart from feeling, from fluttering and flip flopping around. What is she going to do. I know what i would do. :) And Seth the fallen angel, oh always the bad boy, has some new friends and he still trying to convince Grace to give him a chance. I sure love a guy who never gives up on something he wants. Can I just say I am so rooting for Seth because I think that he deserves to be with Grace. And I sure hope Grace gives him the chance. This book has a new character, Charlotte, she is a vampire, but just not any vampire, she is different. Grace senses the difference in her right away. And before long not only is Grace protecting her brother but now she is protecting this vampire and her new love interest Josh. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention him. How could I ever forget a guy who dumps his girlfriend publicly in the lunch room after she comes grovelling practically begging him not to break up with her - LOL oh lord that brought back high school memories. And Seth know's what Grace is. But is Grace willing to throw away all she is for him? Before she knows it she is falling, falling for Josh, falling for Charlotte, falling for what she believes is good and right. As fast as my heart was pittering for Grace going with her feelings and love for Josh, they were crashing at her loss. Loss of her connection to heaven and everything she has ever known and loved, loss of someone very close and dear to her. Anger, frustration, sadness, love, happiness, this book is like a roller coaster ride, one that you just can't get off of because you want to see what is at the next twist or turn. The author does an amazing job keeping your emotions going from one side to the other. The twists, the turns, the deception, the lies, the heartbreak. Oh man my heart went through ever range of emotion in this book. From my heart slamming into my chest when Seth and Grace finally kiss and she see's. To crying and aching when Josh is broken and lost. This was such a great twist to the angels, fallen angels, vampires - good versus evil story. And I so can not believe what happened oh I was yelling (I would have thrown the book but it was a kindle lol) SO NOT FAIR!!!!!! Okay "Fight For Me" so needs to hurry up and come out. less
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I love how this story plays out. I love the characters. I hope to read her next book that comes out.
Lovely book! It engaged me from the beginning and I look forward to reading the next one! :)
It would have been good if the romance wasn't so damn cheesy and immediate.
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