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This Is Where I Am (2013)

by Karen Campbell(Favorite Author)
4.19 of 5 Votes: 2
1408832712 (ISBN13: 9781408832714)
Bloomsbury Academic
review 1: It went very fast for a while, I kept on wondering how she had managed to describe the life of Abdi but I somehow accepted that it was a lot of work from Debs' eyes so I accepted the description and the stories. Until at some point the continuous parallel between a disabled husband and the terrible past of Abdi kept on bothering me. And in the end, the shocking twist-in-the-tale which I am not going to say it's unlikely, because I don't want to soudn that jaded but maybe happens rarely, but happens. How possible could Deb have managed to bring Hazira to the UK/Scotland in 10 days...after that much detailed description of the ordeal Abdi had to go through, the other refugees had to go thorugh...10 days and hazira is back for Christmas. I believe it could have been either a ... morefairly tale but as a realistic novel....it does not work. There are people waiting to come here for 10 years, border control is not that easy in real life.
review 2: This book delights on several levels. The writing is full of wonderful observations, often expressed in the vernacular Glaswegian, while at the same time the story offers a fascinating insight into the world of the refugee trying to integrate into Scottish life. It made me think. Karen switches from one voice to the other convincingly, each one in turn progressing the storyline. Minor characters add richness and credibility to the action. A true reading experience. less
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It was ok. I thought it painted a good picture of culture shock. I wasn't thrilled with the ending.
3.5 stars - enjoyed t growing friendship & trust between Abdi & Debs.
loved this book!!!!
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