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Temporary Arrangement (2013)

by Karen Erickson(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 2
1619214792 (ISBN13: 9781619214798)
Samhain Publishing
review 1: This was an okay read. Like many other reviewers the ending sucked! But what can you do? Give it a lower rating of course. haha The story itself was eh! I don't really care what happens with this story. I can assume they end up getting married and living happily ever after.Questions/Comments:What exactly are trouser jeans?When she's getting ready to masturbate in the bathtub, "A moan escaped her when she found creamy heat between her legs." Um...isn't that expected? She is in a hot bath! IDK, just thought that was a stupid think to say.How long was she in the bathtub? She waited for the tub to fill, got in and masturbated and then got out. Unless it took her a really long time to cum...?The fact that she actually initiates the sexual encounter with him was very surprising ... moreto me. She was fired from her previous nanny job so you'd think she would have better with her feelings or whatever when ti came to Matteo. I couldn't help but notice that I've read several books over the years where a guy and girl get together...the guy ends up either fingering the girl or doing oral, either way she cums. Afterward, she's suddenly having regrets for whatever reason and ends up leaving the guy to finish himself. I don't get it.
review 2: Paige was down on her luck and to her last dollar when she meets Claudia Renaldi in a coffee shop in NYC. Immediately taken with Paige, Claudia invites her to join her grandson and her for a muffin. After a short pleasant conversation, Paige is invited to be Matty's new nanny in the home of billionaire Matteo Renaldi. Matteo is tired of nannies not working out. His mother has come from Italy to help in the interim and to help him find a nanny. Matteo not only needs a nanny, he needs a woman in his bed - and doesn't this alluring red-head look like she would fit the bill....but he is not going down that road.This book is meant to introduce you to Matteo an Paige in a novella length book. It is decently written, the dialogue is smooth and the transitions are smooth as well. Worth picking up the continuation of the story. less
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4 stars are you kidding me? what kind of a cliffhanger is this???
not bad nice little hook to get you into the next book
Good tease before the next full book
Ended too soon!!!!
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