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Kasadya Hellhound Defined (2014)

by Karen Swart(Favorite Author)
4.15 of 5 Votes: 4
Smashwords Edition
review 1: Once again join Kas and Chax while they fight demons again. Hellhound Defined I don't know, I wanted more for the conclusion of this series, but honestly it's the same fight, same issues, same everything, including bad editing again. And seriously? The whole end of the fight with the devil, come on... by the conclusion of this book, I was desperate for it to be done... I enjoyed Kas and Chax, and I'm glad with how they're story went, but this book just seemed to be a repeat. 3 stars
review 2: Probably around a 2.5, but I will round up. After the third book, I really had high hopes for Defined, but the convoluted battle scenes, along with the grammatical errors, made it really hard to follow.Plot: This book picks up where Born left off. Chax is ready to go t
... moreo hell and back (literally) to find Kasadya. Naturally, the gang (Lada, Lotan, Max, Nanini, Raven, etc.) refuse to let him go alone. As they search for Kasadya, they run into all kinds of obstacles, obstacles that eventually escape from hell and threaten life on Earth. Characters:Kasadya remains the same as she was in the first book: snarky, critical, hardheaded and impulsive. While she does care deeply about the people around her, and while she is determined to do whatever she can to keep them safe, her constant asides are distracting and really don’t show her best qualities. It would have been nice if she could remain strong without being so smart alecky. Chax is still somewhat volatile, but he is also powerful and caring. We learn a LOT more about him and his past in this book, and what we learn threatens the relationship between him and Kasadya. As I mentioned above, Kasadya is still surrounded by a ton of different characters. One of my favorite things about Born was that we got to see how the supporting characters used their gifts. This time, most of the battle scenes featured either Kas or Chax. Writing:So many errors make it hard to read. There was one error that bugged me more than most (kind of like when you hear a squeaking noise in your car while you’re driving but you just can’t pinpoint what’s causing it). Kasadya put her sword(s) in her sleuth. I had to Google that because I thought the word had a meaning I hadn’t learned yet. Nope, it should have been sheath, or technically, scabbard. Also, if you can’t handle a potty mouth, you might want to proceed with caution.The Bottom Line:I think Karen Swart is very creative. She has some great ideas, and she knows how to weave a story. This book was probably not the best example of her talent. Additionally, the ending is a little contrived and abrupt. There is no cliffhanger for Kasadya and Chax, but there is for one of the supporting characters, so if you really like this series, you have something to look forward to. less
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Great ending at least for Kas and Chax, but i reaaaally wanted to know why Mr. Demon knew Raven.
Loved this series and wish there were more tales about Kas and the rest of the Hellhounds.
Loved it and can't wait to read more of your books
Finally! So happy to sum it all up! Great book! :)
wish is was longer!
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