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Darcy And Fitzwilliam: A Tale Of A Gentleman And An Officer (2011)

by Karen V. Wasylowski(Favorite Author)
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1402245947 (ISBN13: 9781402245947)
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Darcy and Fitzwilliam
review 1: Pride and Prejudice was a novel I enjoyed reading in high school. However, I didn't recognize any of the characters in this book. I had a hard time believing that Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy forgot how to communicate with each other the moment they got married. I had a hard time picturing Elizabeth as an emotional wreck; she had poise and self-confidence in Pride and Prejudice. Where did those traits go? I did appreciate the conversations between Darcy and Fiztwilliam, that is, after all, the title of this book. However, I am not sure why there was such a lack of conversation between Elizabeth and Darcy. They seemed to have one misunderstanding after another. Also, I had a hard time believing that Darcy had a fling with Caroline Bingley when he was young and sin... moregle. He seemed pretty level-headed in Pride and Prejudice and would not have associated himself with a woman of her reputation. Also, as much as I dislike Caroline, I had a hard time imagining her to be a loose woman. I also could not believe how clueless Darcy was when he went to Charles Bingley's house and found only Caroline there. Did he not see what was coming? I kept reading this book to see if it would get any better. It's not a novel I would read again.
review 2: There were parts I liked, some I didn't, and some whereI didn't like the character development at all. But at the of the day it kept me occupied - the romance / passion angle was fine, the story was entertaining enough, but I expected more. I love Darcy, I love Elizabeth, and I came to love Fitzwilliam, (the naughty cousin that he was!) however some story lines just didn't push the right buttons for me. For example Lizzy's behaviour during her pregnancy (surely this can't be a spoiler when it would have been where most authors would take the story...) and Darcy's responses. I did admit to having a few chuckles with Aunt Catherine's antics, and the storyline regarding Amanda's young son were okay, it just didn't wrap itself up in a nice, easy package. It was like several presents wrapped into one, a few you wanted, but others you aren't really sure about..... less
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Not bad for a spinoff. :) Not the best, but kind of fun to see Lady Catherine in a new light.
If you are a fan of Darcy & Elizabeth you must read this : o)
Better that most Austen fan fiction
truely captivating
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