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Fratello Unico (2009)

by Karl Taro Greenfeld(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Karl Taro Greenfeld is one of my favorite writers. I love his fiction and am always blown away by his inventiveness. This memoir was a compelling and emotional read. My two minor complaints are these: at times the story felt a bit repetitive and in certain places the overall structure felt a bit too loose. There is a rather unexpected twist in the narrative about 2/3 of the way into the book that was surprising and well-timed. If you are a Karl Taro Greenfeld fan, you'll definitely want to read Boy Alone.
review 2: I won't give away any spoilers, but let me just say this: DO NOT, under any circumstances, read this in public. Like, say, on an airplane. There's a very interesting and well-done twist that very much caught me off-guard, and when I realized what it
... more was, I put the book back into my bag and informed the beau, "DO NOT let me finish this in public. If you see me pulling it out again, punch me in the face." So I finished it in a hotel room in Mexico. Most depressing book ever for a vacation, but still pretty amazing. Anyone who has a family member or friend with autism needs to read this. It's nothing surprising to the immediate family -- parents or siblings -- but I guarantee extended fam and friends can learn A LOT from it. Greenfeld does an amazing job at explaining what it's like having a younger sibling with autism. His experience is exceedingly different from mine -- his brother, Noah, isn't as high functioning as my brother, and he was a screw up in high school where as I was the straight A kid -- but there are still so many similarities. I've never really felt like a Girl Alone, but I can completely relate to Greenfeld's Boy Alone. This is such a brave book to write -- and frankly, it's a brave book to read, too. less
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Started just after midnight this morning and I'm very glad I did. Can't wait to get further in.
Riveting and absolutely heartbreaking. A completely unforgettable book.
sibling story. false hope fictional ending.
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