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Never Learn Anything From History (2009)

by Kate Beaton(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Kate Beaton should be required reading. There I said it. Not for comic book fans, or history aficionados, or hipsters. For everyone. Everyone should read Kate Beaton. Sister is just that good. The perfect place to start would of course be her book Hark! A Vagrant! which was released some years back.Probably less on people's radar is this book of hers called Never Learn Anything From History which chronicles some of her earlier comics. Beaton's characteristic witty humor is still as present as ever as she narrates and reinvents the situations and conversations that have taken place at different times in history. And if history is written by the victors, embellishing their lives, Beaton instead cuts them down–way down– to size. So every strip and panel in Never Learn Any... morething From History is hilarious to the point of genius.Most interesting is how Beaton's art has progressed in recent years. And even though it's impossible for her to draw a bad panel now, this collection has some of her much more unpolished stuff. Her lettering is fast and at times undecipherable, uncleaned corrections are present, and panels are skewed. It's all very charming and "punk" looking, whatever that means. Another interesting aspect of this book is how it still includes some of her autobiographical comics and her undying thirst for history and jokes. It's really the whole package, and as always it's vital.
review 2: Kate Beaton writes lovely little comics. Her sense of humor is deliciously wicked, right up my alley. However, history is one of my weak suits, so I didn't fully understand a majority of the jokes in this tome. Those I did understand were hilarious, especially the ones relating to Catholicism and religion in general. There are a few strips in particular I want to look up and send to friends and family. Many thanks to Lyndsey for letting me borrow the book. I'm ready to return it now (and working on the others this week). less
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I am so sad I didn't know about Kate Beaton before now. She is flipping hilarious.
Kate Beaton always gets 5 stars from me.
Oh just so charming.
Aw yiss
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