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Throw In The Trowel (2014)

by Kate Collins(Favorite Author)
3.95 of 5 Votes: 3
0451415507 (ISBN13: 9780451415509)
A Flower Shop Mystery
review 1: This was a cute, basically standard book in a series about a just-married flower shop owner and her hunky Italian husband. It is not the author's fault, but the book clearly states she is a little plump, yet the heroine on the cover (w/red hair like our main character) is model-tall and slim. Also, her dog has 3 legs, but the dog in the cover has 4. Boo to the artist illustrating! I found the change in voice surprising....the heroine usually speaks but every once in a while, the voice switches over to her husband, who only seems to care about one thing...protecting his wife. Surely a hunky former Marine could think about more than this one note! The investigation of the mystery seemed very realistic...lots of stumbling about (and over) clues w/out realizing what they are a... moret first.
review 2: I need to throw in the towel. I give up on this series. I've had enough. This book is so shamelessly a cash grab. Considering that events take place in the 'Abbyverse' every few months, this trail of mediocrity could go on for years. But not with me as a compliant reader. I'm out. I thought at one point that the finale would redeem a point for the book. It would have been an insult to all 2 star books that I've rated. But never fear, Kate Collins is here. Here to make sure that even the most rudimentary task of all, providing a routine finale to a cozy mystery, is botched as well. Blah. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot to tell that Nicky, the bosom friend of Abby is totally absent from this dreck. Unforgivable. less
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Fluff, but interesting enough to hold my attention.
Still loving this cozy mystery series!
loved it
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