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Dirty Rotten Tendrils (2010)

by Kate Collins(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 4
045123152X (ISBN13: 9780451231529)
A Flower Shop Mystery
review 1: Abby Knight owns a flower shop. She also has a tendency to get involved in solving murders. This is no exception. Agter winning a nationwide contest Cody Verse comes to his hometown due to a lawsuit. He has cheated Andrew Chapper out of money that rightfully belnged to him. Cody has Ken Lipinski a shady attorney representing him. He takes one of Dave Hammond's exhibits that corraborates Andrews claim. But then Lipinski is found dead. Most logical suspect Dave Hammond. So the investigation starts. In addition to that, Abby is trying to retrieve her engagement ring which Rafe's girlfriend took thinkingit was for her. Both of these giveAbby a headache but in the end some resolution, while other issues come up. Taking us to a new book.
review 2: This i
... mores one of my favourite series and this installment did not disappoint. It was a great read. There was a little less humour in this one than in some of the others but I think the subject matter demanded as much. It was well balanced and well written as usual. I like the way Marco and Abby's relationship has evolved and this book focused more on them working together as a team. A little big of a "cliff-hanger" however on the very last page !!! There are too many great secondary characters to name them all! less
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Another fluffy read. It's getting so I can't easily put these down. Good thing I only have one left.
Is there a way to put the date finished besides writing a review?
airplane read :) Mindless, fun, guilty pleasure
great book
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