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The Butterfly Storm (2013)

by Kate Frost(Favorite Author)
3.46 of 5 Votes: 2
Lemon Tree Press
review 1: This book was a real pleasure to read, especially due to the well-crafted descriptions and prose, and the fact that it all seemed so possible and believable. It's set in England and Greece, neither of which I have visited, yet the descriptions of places were so beautifully detailed that I feel like I've been there now! Several of the main characters appeared to make unfair, harsh demands on others, but after a while, through conversation, mannerisms and physical descriptions I came to know and care about each of them and to understand their backgrounds and cultures, and why they did what they did. There is also a strong and likable stable of secondary characters who add another layer to this beautiful and satisfying story. I will definitely look for other work by this au... morethor!
review 2: Four years ago life was perfect for Sophie Keech. She moved to Greece with her boyfriend of just six weeks Alekos, it takes her away from a boring nine to five job and a difficult relationship wiith her mom, and she believes she is finally doing something exciting and positive with her life. But things can change a lot in four years things in Greece are not what she imagined they would be working in the family restaurant and living above it. There has been friction between Sophis and Leila her mom for a long time. But when Sophie has to return home to England to care for Leila after an accident, it may give them time to sort out their differences. It will also give her time away from her domineering mother in law. Sophie wants a home of her own but Alekos is happy to go with the flow of the Greek family life. A beautifully written story about the relationship between a daughter and her mother. The story moves at a fluid pace the ending made me cry. I look forward to reading more books by Kate Frost less
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The butterfly storm was a sweet story. I did enjoy it, but found it to to slow moving at times.
An enjoyable read about a young lady as she tries to find her way in life and in relationships.
This was a decent read. A good story but lack some needed depth on places.
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