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Remedies (2009)

by Kate Ledger(Favorite Author)
3.23 of 5 Votes: 1
0399155899 (ISBN13: 9780399155895)
Putnam Adult
review 1: Intriguing book with a fantastic plot. The characters are a bit hard to latch onto and I was definitely reading more for the story itself rather than because I cared what happened to the people. They were quite unsympathetic despite the tragedy they experienced. Actually I do think Simon’s lack of likeability works because he is buyable as a megalomaniac so his actions make sense in the context of his character. Anyway, despite characters that you would never want to hang out with, I still loved this book. It’s beautifully written and quite captivating. I have a few minor quibbles. Some of the drug trial stuff seemed a bit farfetched. From what I’ve gleaned from my husband (who is in upper management at a pharmaceutical company) it doesn’t quite work that way. Also... more, the ending seemed a little…I don’t know… rushed? Less impactful than I expected? In any case the ending does not do the book justice. However, I did like that the author left it open-ended enough to contemplate multiple outcomes. And this is neither condemnation nor praise but I can safely say it’s the first book I’ve read where someone is jacking off in the opening scene!
review 2: A well-written and compelling debut novel about a physician who deludes himself into thinking that his egotistical desire to discover a cure for pain is driven by his love for his patients. The doctor's wife, a public relations exec, has an affair with a former lover as a way of dealing with her floundering marriage and the loss of a first child. The couple's second child, an unhappy and unlovable teen, brings the situation to a crisis. There is quite a bit of detail about the husband's medical practice, but little mention of the wife's PR work, which makes the story seem a bit imbalanced. Lots of nice writing and a fair amount of tension drive the story along, but the ending is disappointing (no real resolution and the sudden, inexplicable religious turn in the very last pages left me scratching my head). less
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Wow. I was just stunned how this affected me. I did skim some of the pain doc stuff--too too
read it on vacation but deeper issues here - dealing with loss, pain and what is really real
Loved the book while really disliking the characters.
Excellent book, ending was a little rushed though
I am enjoying This.
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