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Grimm Consequences (2014)

by Kate SeRine(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 3
review 1: I'm not usually a fan of novellas but this one was enjoyable. I wish it had been published chronologically so I could have read it in order and would recommend people new to the series read it after book 1 but before book 2 (if they plan to read it al all). I had a hard time getting used to it being told in Nate's voice after having read the other three books with the women narrating. I however, it was nice to get Nate's backstory. Overall it was a good read but definitely not necessary to understanding the other books in the series.
review 2: Wow. Just...wow. This was an absolutely amazing novella. I did not read like a novella, at all. Fast paced, amazing character development, surprised and an incredible ending. If you read this series, read this novell
... morea when it releases. You don't have to be caught up in the series - as long as you read book one, Red, you need to read this one. I'm telling you...wow. Full review to follow :) less
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It was ok. It wasn't my favorite work done by the author.
Good. Very ready for next book.
Released 17 April 2014
Review coming soon
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