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All The Gold In China (2013)

by Kate Zeng(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 6
0615693849 (ISBN13: 9780615693842)
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review 1: Won this from Goodreads. Wonderful novel set in 1937 China before the Nanking Massacre, during the second Sino-Japanese War and the Chinese civil war. I have visited Beijing(Peking in the story), Shanghai, and Hong Kong, Joseph Stillwell's headquarters, etc. so I could imagine the story in these places. The novel includes historical figures like Mao and Kai-shek, Chou En-Lai and "Vinegar Joe" Stillwell as well as well-drawn imagined characters. It is one of those books that I didn't want to end.
review 2: Disclosure: I received a free copy of All the Gold in China by Kate Zeng courtesy of the author, via GoodReads First Reads.All the Gold in China tells the story of the China's Communist Revolution, through the eyes of an interlocking set of characters, but mai
... morenly focusing on Jong Lin, the aide and adopted son of General Han. Jong is mainly a passive narrator, in the style of Nick Carraway in The Great Gatsby, and his own story does not become particularly compelling until close to the end of the narrative. The other characters are almost entirely selfishly motivated, by greed for either money or for power, so they are difficult to connect with. The plot gets off to a very slow start, and then after an unrealistic climax, the ending tapers off as slowly as the beginning. Despite the length of the novel and its drawn-out denouement, there are still questions left unanswered.Throughout this novel, the sentence structure is simplistic, and other than where the action is fast-paced, this makes the narrative somewhat stilted. The number of typographical and grammatical errors, although not so overwhelming as to hamper the story's readability, are nevertheless glaringly noticeable and unfortunate in a published volume. All the Gold in China could have used additional editing for linguistic style and narrative flow. less
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Was shocked to recieve a first read issue i have started it and so far so good. it is a good read
Received my First Reads copy. Will update with review soon.
Just got my copy. I'm excited to start reading it soon.
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