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by Isabella Johns(Favorite Author)
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1499116438 (ISBN13: 9781499116434)
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review 1: if you have missed any of the book in the series then this is your lucky day! How many people can boast that they had a fireman, a biker, a menage and a stranger all in one day? You can if your lucky enough to read this collection! However i have to warn you if your going to read them then get a fan, a bucket of ice and a cold shower on stand-by because it is HOT! this is erotica at it's finest and definitely only for the 18 and older set. once again Isabella Johns delivers and leaves you feeling both satisfied and screaming for more and straining to hear the crack from her whip! LOL!if this is the type of book that you enjoy you shouldn't miss this one and if you are not into this kind of book you should give this one a try and perhaps it will change your mind . i am al... moreready planning to read it again just in case i missed anything and i can't WAIT for the next book in the series if there is one and i am keeping my fingers crossed that there is! :)
review 2: This is a set of hot and steamy reads that will definitely raise your temperature off the charts. I loved each of the stories. They told a story about four women with four different scenarios with sexy and talented men. I loved all the characters. I especially loved the eroticism aspect. Holy hotness were they written with passion and with the ability to capture the reader from the first page. This collection is a must add to your tbr list. Recommended! less
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The stories weren't bad. They just weren't quite what I expected or for what I hoped.
Only four? Wish there was more. Love them all!
Read all four volumes. Wonderful.
Great series. Highly recommended!
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