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Stella By Starlight (2000)

by Sharon M. Draper(Favorite Author)
4.33 of 5 Votes: 5
1442494972 (ISBN13: 9781442494978)
review 1: a wonderful historical fiction novel that helps history come to life. Beautiful imagery and writing and connections. I felt as though I were taking every step in Stella's story. While reading it was one of the most important reading experiences I had. But the ending fell short. With the ending where it fell, it never felt finished or complete. Regardless, it's a book that will stay with me for a long time- despite or even because of the unsatisfactory end.
review 2: Our school loves Sharon Draper and Out of My Mind is a surefire hit book among my students.Stella By Starlight brings my readers a lyrical story with sweet characters, but I'm not expecting it to have a lot of traction with my students, because: 1. Some of my readers are going to experience the book
... more as slow, they're not going to relate to Stella.2. When the big bad wolf of the KKK arrives in full force halfway through the story the KKK appear about as scary as a mouse. If there's any unsettling feeling in this book, it's quickly washed away.3. While my kids respond well to overwrought characters (hey, subtlety is an art form), I wonder how they will feel about the characters in this book, who appear by the end of the book either completely saintly or filled to the brim with evil.As for my part, I felt that too much of the book's potential was swept away in the Deus Ex Machina of Really Nice White People Who Don't Hate Black People. And I was waiting for Stella to take a little more of an active role in the story. OK, she's 11, and Draper treats her appropriately for the age.... but I was waiting for something a little more... you know... kickassery. Is Sharon Draper using these characters to make a larger point about the role of optimism in times of hate? Perhaps. Would this book go well for grades 5-6? I think so. less
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A hard book -- life is hard -- but ultimately a hopeful one.
Good middle fiction historical story depression era
Loved this book.
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