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Unwanted Ghost (2014)

by Maer Wilson(Favorite Author)
4.87 of 5 Votes: 2
Ellysian Press
review 1: 'Unwanted Ghost' is a quirky delight.This well-paced novelette concerns Thalu and La Fi, a ghost detective team, who discover they have acquired not only a new property, but also Darla, the resident ghost. Darla has been murdered, and is unable to 'move towards the Light' until the mystery of her death is solved.I look forward to reading Ms Wilson's longer work in 'The Thalukalan Chronicles', entitled 'Relics' - which I have already purchased.Grab this. It's a delightful quick read.
review 2: “Unwanted Ghost” by Maer Wilson is the second in her paranormal detective series. Thulu and La Fi are two mediums who are sought for their unusual conversational skills by the living and the death. On this occasion they are joined by an angry ghost who wants to find ou
... moret who killed her. Attempts by the detectives to get rid of the unwanted ghost and to enjoy their new home in peace fail and so they listen to the ghost’s story and agree to help her.This is another entertaining peace and a welcome break from sensational treatment of paranormal or supernormal powers. In low key the two detectives use their intuition to figure out what has happened, the novelette is mainly character driven and explores the idea of the afterlife as believed by spiritualists. Having a friend who works as a medium the story is very authentic to how many mediums describe their work. The actual case is more complex than in the first instalment and holds great promise for the next books in the series. less
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A very enjoyable short story to introduce the world of Fi and Thulu. Now, on to Relics!
This is the second novelette prequel to RELICS. I am the author.
I am the author.
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