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Mysterious Bones: The Story Of Kennewick Man (2011)

by Katherine Kirkpatrick(Favorite Author)
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0823421872 (ISBN13: 9780823421879)
Holiday House
review 1: For my daughter (age 10) and I, this book was a good introduction to an interesting topic. However, very little is known about The Ancient One. In fact, there are more unknowns than knowns. As a result, the book is heavy on detailed speculation--which tried both of our patiences. I would recommend this book for any young person with an interest in archaeology or anthropology. It is a fantastic overview of technical, legal, and even moral issues.
review 2: Mysterious Bones: The Story of Kennewick ManThis is a text that will engage the reader who enjoys a thrill and that is eager to ‘find’ something that is global relative. This book is not about dinosaur bones. The rather studious story is about how a recent staggering find of bones by two teens in Washingt
... moreon changed the way the world look at the remains of individuals and how they are used for anthology purposes. This is a timeless book that is interesting, but tough to get through. I would have enjoyed a few more pictures, including a map of the world that help the reader visual the United States and then on of Washington, and then on of the areas where the bones where discover. At times, I felt like I was reading a science text and wish it would have been a journal or a scientific note book with drawings/doodles in the margins. It was just a little dry for the middle school environment. less
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Very interesting. 9500 year old skeleton found in WA state in 1996. Hadn't even heard about it.
Fascinating stuff, but not Newbery-worthy.
I think this is interesting.
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