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When Empires Fall (2014)

by Katie Jennings(Favorite Author)
3.84 of 5 Votes: 2
9780615673 (ISBN13: B008UCNJUS)
Sapphire Royale Publishing
Vasser Legacy
review 1: This book resonated with me, and because I hadn't been able to read it all in one go as I usually do, it also tormented me. But the holidays kicked in and company appeared daily. I fretted whenever I thought about this story. I wanted to get back to it and find out what happened. It's that kind of a novel. I love New York City and having the setting there was a plus for me. A huge luxury hotel added to the flavor and the Vasser family who shared ownership and ran the empire were all wonderful characters. There were so many plots going on, all very well constructed and interacting so that the reader got carried away into different romances, murder, intrigue and family conflicts but never lost the main theme. The big boss Grant Vasser played the role of a workaholic who cont... morerolled everything and I fell in love with him since the author wove the reader into his world, his sensitivities and his building need for his new secretary Quinn. The rest of the family consisted of Linc, a sweet guy who's every woman's dream, Madison a woman to hate, Kennedy the youngest but with an agenda and various others who add to this blockbuster and make it a delightfully complex tale that will steal you away from your everyday world. This deserves five stars- PLUS!!
review 2: I really enjoyed this book. I will say to begin that it isn't my genre, but I'm learning as I grow older and wiser that if you never leave your comfort zone then you'll never learn or experience anything new, and I'm glad I did so with this book. I like Ms Jennings and I like her ability as a storyteller, and in my opinion she is very good at it.I enjoy the way Ms Jennings builds her characters. I like the way she goes inside them to let us know what they're thinking and feeling, and the conflicts and turmoil they're each fighting with inside. Any good writer has to be able to do this, and she can. In fact I felt she depicted her characters so well that images of movie stars flashed through my mind every time a character faced me on the page. Grant is Christian Bale, Linc is Matthew McConnaughey, Cameron Diaz is Madison, Meryl Streep is Charlene, Greg Kinnear is Win, Sam Elliot is Marshal and Courtney Cox is most definitely Quinn in my mind. I always write with a famous face in my mind, but rarely have I ever seen these faces with such clarity while reading and to me that is a testament of Ms Jennings' excellence in character building.As with all stories of dynastic families there is ambition, jealousy, love, hatred, hidden secrets and impropriety in abundance... all the ingredients such a story needs.I enjoyed the story very much. There were few surprises though as Ms Jennings gave us enough clues as to what was to come and who did what in times past, but the twist at the end I didn't see coming and now I'm very very eager for the 2nd book and have emailed the author to complain that I have to wait for it.5/5 from me.Shane O'Neill - Writer of The Dracula Chronicles. less
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Nutty - the writing and the characters. Who cares? I liked it. :)
Loved this book - looking forward to the next ---
I loved it!!
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