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Werewolf Dreams (2000)

by Katie Lee O'Guinn(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
Taming the Wolf
review 1: The characters in this book felt a little two dimensional. There was no emotion in this book whatsoever. The plot was their to suit the characters needs, the problem? They didn't have any needs. At no point in this book did the characters need to do something. or try and do something. The story goes like:-Boy:You're pretty.Girl:Thanks.Boy:Oh, you're a werewolf btw.Girl:Oh. Okay. No problem, you guys are a little sexist y'know.Boy:Yep, which is why I'm gonna kill the bad leader.Girl:Oh, he's my Grandfather, no worries. Boy:He threatened you. Imma kill him.Daddy: No kid, I got this.Girl:Oh, okay Dad. Hope you don't die.Girl:You got stabbed? I love you.Boy:We are gonna get married and have babies soon.Girl:Oh, okay then. Annnnd. That's it. The end. Oh wait, there's been anoth... moreer three books written...Not exactly riveting material I'm afraid.
review 2: In this werewolf tale, Paskell is a town where the weres are ruled in a male dominant society and females have almost no rights. Ava's father left the town in his youth because of the archaic way things were run, and he didn't want her having any part of it, so he kept her heritage from her until a series of murders has him coming back to help. Ava quickly finds herself in the thick of werewolf society, and the object of many wolves' interest as they pursue her for a mate. Ava is a quirky girl, easy to like and strong enough not to let this backwards society get her down. Cyrus is worthy of her, with his determination and modern thinking. I would read more from this author. less
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I liked this one. Am considering the next one, but overall a nice find for a free kindle book:)
Was okay. will let my stepdaughter read it if she wants, no adults only scenes.
Really enjoyed this series. I can't wait I red the rest.
I really enjoyed this book
Is a great book to read
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