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Melonhead (2009)

by Katy Kelly(Favorite Author)
3.49 of 5 Votes: 4
0385734093 (ISBN13: 9780385734097)
Delacorte Books for Young Readers
review 1: This is a fun, entertaining book about the escapades of Adam Melon. He prefers to be called Melonhead, which gives the reader an idea of his personality. He is constantly getting into trouble by just being himself. For example, he manages to get his foot wedged in a tree, enlisting help from the entire neighborhood as well as the fire department and he loses his pet snake and its live mouse “snack” somewhere in his house. Throughout the story is a close family, a sense of community and friendship. An enjoyable read!
review 2: 10/15/13His mom likes people to call him by his real name Adam Melon. Adam melon has a friend name lucky and she started this name called Melon head. Everyone CAUGHT on fast to the name. Most of the time melon head is the person
... more that likes to invent stuff. His school entered IN inventing fair for there school.The main characters are melon head, mom, lucky and rose.My favorite character is melon head because he reminds me of a kid named Colebee. They both do every thing the same. Mostly because he helps his mom a lot.My favorite part of the book was when Melon head got his nickname from lucky and that name was melon head.I think people that like funny and kind helpful friends would like this book a lot.The main character is melon head and there is one person that reminds me of him Adam because they have the same personality.Yes she has written another book named lucky rose. less
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Some good lessons on persistence and creative thinking, but a little weird...
Ok and cute, but a sunshine state reader?
This book is very very funny
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