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Where The Heart Beats: John Cage, Zen Buddhism, And The Inner Life Of Artists (2012)

by Kay Larson(Favorite Author)
3.99 of 5 Votes: 3
1594203407 (ISBN13: 9781594203404)
Penguin Press HC, The
review 1: Larson did a wonderful, complete job explaining not only Cage's music but his artistic and spiritual influences. Other artistic and literary figures made brief appearances as though they were fun cameos. "Where The Heart Beats," wasn't so much a biography of Cage, but a biography of his work. It was a fantastic read, I just felt it could have wrapped up a little earlier, and that Larson could have used an editor for the last section of the book.
review 2: This is a good book, but it might have been a great one if Kay Larson showed more interest in John Cage and D.T. Suzuki and less interest in herself. On the rare occasions when she manages to shut up about her own speculations as to what she imagines Cage may have been thinking at a given moment and just te
... morells the story, her book is interesting. When she’s just quoting Cage’s words, it is compelling. Sadly, this is a book about an ego-transcending genius written by an ego-driven mediocrity. Too much Larson, not enough Cage. less
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At the outset I didn't care for cage. By the end, I joined Larsen, in love.
2/2013 recommended by Brain Pickings
great read. great.
Great book!
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