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The Spirit Keeper: A Novel (2013)

by K.B. Laugheed(Favorite Author)
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0142180335 (ISBN13: 9780142180334)
review 1: I really liked this novel. It was an easy read and I finished it quickly, just a couple of days. The narrator's voice is interesting and unique and the challenges she faces are unexpected and intriguing. The author's handling of exposition was especially impressive. Katie is strong, not just saying she is and then acting otherwise, her actions are actually willful and courageous. Genuinely good read.
review 2: I was invited to download this ebook from Net Galley quite awhile ago. After reading the book I got to busy to write my thoughts and then, to be honest I forgot I still need to write my review. Please don't get me wrong, my forgetting to review it, has no reflection on what I thought of the book, in fact, I quite enjoyed it!Katie was born the thirteenth
... more child and by then her mother had enough of mothering. Katie was expected to take care of the household and raise the younger children. She was treated like a slave. Actually, some slaves were treated better than her.One day she was in the house caring for the younger children when there was a raid by "savages". Her father was killed. She hid in the loft with the children but two of the "savages", Hector and Syawa, caught her and her younger siblings. They were taken, along with their mother to be sold. The family was feed very little while waiting to be sold however, Syawa, favored Katie and gave her more. Even in this situation her mother treated her horribly.When a man arrived at the camp who spoke English, he explained that Hector and Syawa were not with the others that kidnapped them. The two came only to get her. Syawa was a holyman and saw her in his dreams. He called her "the creature of fire and ice".Katie was given the choice of going on a far, unknown journey with Hector and Syawa or to stay with her family. She chose to go with the two native men. K.B. Laugheed captured both the harshness and beauty of the vast landscape beautifully. She did a great job studying the characters. I love to get an inside glimpse of all the different tribes that the three came across on their journey. There were a couple of slow periods in the book for me but there weren't many. The journey doesn't end when the book does, so I am hope that means there will be a sequel. It made me wanting to beg for more! I highly recommend The Spirit Keeper! less
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I enjoyed this book. Was easy to get into the story and held my interest all the way through.
I got bored half way through, guessed the ending, skimmed ahead and found I was right.
Couldn't put it down. A compelling story with rich historical detail.
Thoroughly enjoyed this book. I didn't want the journey to end.
Very good
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