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The Jaxon Effect (2013)

by K.C. Michaels(Favorite Author)
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1484134656 (ISBN13: 9781484134658)
Jaxon Effect Trilogy
review 1: First off I would like to thanks K.C. Michaels for sending me her book :)Introducing Kate Sims and Jaxon Remington. Kate is an intelligent and successful Doctor working out of Manhattan's William Henry Hospital. Well liked and respected among her colleagues, her life outside of work is drab & dismal. She has one best friend Jade and absolutely no love life what so ever. Enter Jaxon Remington- a multi millionaire business owner who shows up in Kate's emergency department requiring stitches after Kate had Logged a 36 hour shift. Jaxon is drop dead gorgeous, has a chiseled physique and is a total alpha male.After sparks fly & lust ignites, Kate happens to run into Jaxon at a male strip club he owns unbeknown to Kate. He makes it clear to Kate he does not do relationship... mores, only one shot deals. He proposes this to Kate and she agrees to his one shot deal. Both Kate & Jaxon are dealing with heavy issues from their pasts which have been full of devastation, heartbreak and betrayals. The heroine in the book is one of the most likeable "real" characters I have enjoyed reading about. The Author does a fantastic job of capturing Kate's insecurities and self doubt, as well as capturing Kate's successful, self-confident side. Kate is a character that anyone could relate to.The hero- likeable as well. Although a total alpha male K.C. Michaels did not go all "Christian Grey" with Jaxon's character. What I loved about this book......where to begin..... ALL OF IT!!! All characters in this had their own story and each had a starring role, no matter how small the role. Jenny, the ER nurse in the very beginning who managed to set Kate up to treat Jaxon in emerg, that girl knew what she was doing! Kate's BFF Jade was always the voice of reason when Kate needed it. Even during Jade's darkest hours she was always bright & cheery, totally likeable character and who wouldn't want a Jade around? The Kate/Kelsey confession at their childhood home, very intense, wasn't sure what was going to happen. I won't say anymore as I don't want to spoil this book.This book is a highly recommended read. I read it within 48 hours. It is not over done, nor over the top. It is the right kind of perfect, flowing at a steady pace. Definitely a page turner, most definitely left me thinking what is in store for book 2 & when is book 2 out? It has also left me curious as I am wondering if supporting characters from this book will get their own book?? Kelsey, Jade.....maybe?
review 2: OK so since I am married to K.C. Michaels I felt an obligation to read her book, to be honest I am not a big reader of this style book, but to support my wife I read this entire book. One of the very few books of this type if any I have actually read. Most of my reading is geared to self help and positive thinking. Saying that I did feel connected to the story and the characters in this book, as I read more and more I did want to continue to see what happens, I like the fact its not all sex and steam. Their is an actual story here to be read and I believe most readers will truly enjoy this book.Congrats on your first novel, cant wait to read The Jaxon effect book 2 :) less
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LOVED THIS BOOK! I have read it twice! Any idea when the second book is to be released?!
this sounds A LOT like the This Man series but hey, it's free!
I love this book! When does book 2 come out?
Very good, great read.
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