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The Women Who Heard Color (2000)

by Kelly Jones(Favorite Author)
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review 1: There are many important books, both fiction and non-fiction that tell the story of what happened during WW II in Germany and in other European countries . Many of these focus on the horrific things that happened to the Jews in the concentration camps and the death camps. So why did I like a book that focuses on saving art work? Because it was about preserving the creative spirit that is a symbol for the humanity that Hitler and the Nazis tried to destroy. It is a book about how the human spirit triumphed by saving some of the art works that would have been destroyed had it not been for their courage.This is a novel, but I couldn't help but wonder about those people that actually did this. The story of Hanna is told in two narratives, one by her daughter Isabella and one i... moren a third person narrative. The writing moves smoothly between the alternating sections. There is a lot to the story, and it is not my intent to tell it here. I would say that this is certainly worth reading for the interesting story that it is , as well as the the the message that the human spirit can't be destroyed.
review 2: I posted about this book on my blog for the monthly "What's on Your Nightstand" link up. At that point, I was a little over half way done with the book. My opinion at that point in time and at the conclusion of the novel are the same; the historical section is interesting but the modern day chapters are rather boring. Plus, I thought it was really odd that the past was being told to the reader at the same time that we are seeing the present characters discuss those same past events. "I'll tell 'em what I'm going to tell 'em. I'll tell 'em. I'll tell 'em what I told 'em." That felt like the author's intent. I took issue with it especially when the past covers a certain set of events. Then we skip to the present where the character says "she never explained how she eventually made her way to America" (343). Um, the entire last chapter explained how Hanna was able to escape to America. It was very frustrating trying to remember what the present day characters did or did not know, compared with what was being told by the characters in the past. I was bummed. So many people raved about this book but I was rather bored. I wanted it to be good but it didn't meet the high expectations set forth by other readers. less
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I really enjoyed this book. Very interesting historical fiction. I would highly recommend it.
If you are interested in art, you will most likely enjoy this book.
I just started this and have read about 40 pages, and I LOVE it!
Loved this book!!! Couldn't put it down!
I really liked this one.
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