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This Is Not A Flophouse (2010)

by K.I. Hope(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 1
0578073382 (ISBN13: 9780578073385)
Abolish Publishing
review 1: You know why I hate chick writers? I know! I know! You don’t care! But listen to this one! Is their male characters! They always sound like something that comes out of spite! Even the good guys the write sound so fucking stupid! It annoys m to no end! When I first started talking to K.I. I complimented her on the way she talks… no holding back at any moment! Like a dude! (say what you want… but chicks hold back…) when she told me about her writings the thing I remember the most is her saying “I write like a dude” I ain’t gonna front! When she said that I was skeptical… one thing is talking like a dude… and another is writing like one… then I read her first book… and I’ll be damn! She does write like a dude! And like a good writer dude in so! No fuck... moreing bull shit! Not even when she is making me feel ashamed of having a penis (yeah, there was some of that again here! I don’t know how she does it! but she does manages to make me feel ashamed of having one! ) arg! Before I go nowhere! Let me talk about the book! Well actually I rather talk about the book reading experience… there are a bunch of other reviews about this book that will tell you what this book is all about with more sense that I ever could* The first time I read it fall sleep! But not cuz of the book! I was tired! And I decided to make myself comfortable! I ate a lot and then set up the bed to read it in one sit… next thing I know is 2 am and I sleep 5 hours in a row! (I never sleep that long) I woke up terrified! Thinking the book was so boring it put me to sleep! Imagine! A book where I inspired a scene will put to sleep like a baby! The horror!!!!!! But last night…. I grabbed again and decided to give it another try… I read it from cover to cover in one sit! It’s freaking good!!! Each time I flipped a page I got more and more exited! The characters are believable! I’m not an expert in the whole noir thing… that shit is usually too smart for me… but I do know good shit when I read it! and this is good shit! The characters feel real... I know there is a lot of stuff here that is well… beyond me! but that never been an issue for me! i always been able to enjoy the a good story even if I don’t understand it! over all all I have to say is that K.I. rocks! This is a great book!
review 2: This is not a book for a bookshelf. It lives in the gutter of your burnt down apartment. It is read until the pages turn to ash. It is found, given away, and carried around until every word is a floater in your eyeball while you gaze at the world.Each chapter latches onto your ankles and pulls you to the ground, only to then stab at your tendons and pluck them out one by one until you listen, until you look up from the margins at the citizens around you and plead for them to listen too.The setting? America. The plot? The message? This is a spoiler free review, but walk down the road, walk into your own home, and you’ll find it everywhere.This is Not a Flophouse plays no games. Instead, it gives the reader what few books, or authors, ever achieve: a filter-less vision of America, a vision so tenderly sincere and honest that it has no choice but to decimate bones and ravage mind sets. It unifies us all, through a cast of earnest, familiar characters and an atmosphere of inescapable relate-ability.But through the depravity, the reader is given the scenic splendor of the English language. It’s a car accident, a shuttle explosion, a building collapsing, a bridge jumper. Horrid and beautiful. Mystical and magnetic. The splendor of an atrocity is something humans are unable to resist. Flophouse is written with splendor and gives the reader America’s everyday atrocities, the ones none can help but watch.K. I. Hope has given us, America, a look in the mirror, a look at an x-ray of our knees before we fall to them. I fear for this author’s life. For the greatest of them all tend to die young. less
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fantastic modern noir, reminds me of "black minutes" by solares.
Finally ordered this thing. Sweet. It's on its way.
Jesus Kristen - talk about depresssing.
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