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In The Kingdom Of Men (2012)

by Kim Barnes(Favorite Author)
3.4 of 5 Votes: 1
0307273393 (ISBN13: 9780307273390)
review 1: I read this book, found in UK bookstores Waterstones, while I myself was an expat in Scotland. Being from a small town outside of Houston, where many people over the years have taken expat jobs in the oil/gas industry in Saudi and elsewhere, I found that the author was spot-on in her character development of Gin and the other wives in the compound. She also was able to pinpoint the feeling that most of us "trailing spouses", as we're called, that are expats in other countries...and that is often deep loneliness and longing for a life that you left. However, the author was also able to transpire how interesting women friendships are forged in situations where one is displaced into an entirely different culture. I absolutely loved this book and I rooted for the main char... moreacter the entire read!!! I highly recommend...
review 2: This was a well written book in the sense that the descriptions of Saudi Arabia and the environment surrounding the oil company made you feel very familiar with the setting. The characters are mysterious and intriguing because you never know too much about any of them. If I had known this book would basically be about a young woman who moves to Arabia with her husband for his job, and the experiences she has the first few months there, I might not have read this book. The hook - where her husband is accused of murdering a Saudi woman - doesn't come to light until the last 2-3 chapters. For me, the ending did not resolve anything - and I don't like open-ended books. less
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Well written and a very interesting story mixing Middle Eastern and American cultures in the 1960s.
I loved this book. Well written and a great story.
This was not my favorite book .
Rounded down from 2.49
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