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The Woman Behind The New Deal: The Life Of Frances Perkins, FDR'S Secretary Of Labor And His Moral Conscience (2009)

by Kirstin Downey(Favorite Author)
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0385513658 (ISBN13: 9780385513654)
Nan A. Talese
review 1: Downey does a wonderful job of not just presenting facts on a timeline, but instead creating a narrative of Perkins' life. Downey assumes the reader has some basic knowledge of the timing of World War II, but also reminds the reader of characters that pop up more than once - even if there is 100 pages between the references. This creates a wonderful flow to the book, making it immensely enjoyable and informative. Definitely recommend reading for pleasure, but also to learn more about this vastly influential, but largely overlooked historical figure.
review 2: I originally picked up this book assuming it was about Eleanor Roosevelt. Embarrassingly, I spent two chapters thinking, "Why do they keep talking about this Frances Perkins lady?" until I finally look
... moreed more closely at the cover. She was the first woman appointed to a Presidential Cabinet. It was 20 years until another woman rose to that high of a position. (Incidentally, there have only been ten since then, four being appointed under Obama). Anyway, Frances Perkins was amazing. She wrote the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Social Security Act, and set up unemployment benefits and welfare. She was also an unsuccessful champion of national healthcare. So happy to have discovered a new American heroine! less
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Wonderful book about a historic woman and fighter for the rights of all!!
Utterly fascinating. This book reminds me of why I dearly love history.
I am still processing all that this woman created. WOW
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