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Dear Fellow Reader,

I am back from vacation. I read on vacation.  In fact, there are some that would say that I measure my vacations by how many books I read.  The more books, the better the vacation.  It does help that I read fast and that often times the books I read on vacation are pretty light reads.  I thought I would share some titles and brief thoughts about them with you.


The Life List by Lori Nelson Spielman – I really enjoyed this book.  It as about a 34-year-old woman whose mother dies and leaves her a legacy that is not what she expects and is not anything that she thinks she wants. Her legacy is based on a list of things she wanted when she was fourteen. Brett has a well-paying job and a handsome boyfriend. She thinks her life is great.  Or is it?  Did her mother really know best?   This was probably my favorite book of this set of vacation reads.


That Month in Tuscany by Inglath Cooper –  After her husband announces at the last minute that he cannot go on the month-long anniversary trip to Italy, Lizzy Harper decides that to go without him.  She has a few glasses of wine to celebrate on the way to Italy and she gets a little tipsy. She gets up to go to the bathroom but stumbles on the way back to her seat and ends up landing on Ren Sawyer.  She doesn’t recognize him at first. He is sweet but she is too embarrassed about her condition to talk to him. Ren Sawyer is a rock star hiding from his life.The trip ends up being full of discoveries for Lizzy, Ren, and Lizzy’s family.


Love and Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch – Somehow, I stumbled upon a theme this trip.  Several of the books are about motherless daughters.  I don’t really know how that happens but it did.  In this story, Lena’s mother has died and she has been sent to Italy to live with Howard, a man she has never met.  Lena’s Grandmother has told her that Howard is her father but she has some questions about that after she meets him.  Lina fully expects to go back home much sooner than anyone thinks she should. Will the magic of Italy keep her or will she escape back to the life she knows?  When Lena arrives, she is given a journal that her Mother sent to Italy right before her death. It has the mysterious inscription, “I made the wrong choice” at the front of it.  Lena slowly reads the journal to find out more.


Beach House for Rent by Mary Alice Monroe – Cara Rutledge has inherited her mother’s house on Isle of Palms.  She and her husband, Brett, live in Brett’s house and rent out her mother’s house each summer.  This particular summer, Heather Wyatt has come to the house to paint shorebirds.  Heather was always shy but after the death of her mother in a car accident – she was in the car also – she retreated and has social anxiety.  As a result, she doesn’t interact well with people. She lives at home with her father.  He has just remarried and has rented out the house for her so that she will be able to watch the birds and so that he and his bride will have some time alone.  Over the course of the summer, Cara and Heather’s  lives change drastically.  This is the fourth book in the series.                                                                I think I read the others but the book stands on its own                                                                  without reading the series.

Of the books I read, these are my top four books.  Wondering how many I read?  Well, I was gone for 15 days and did not read a book a day but it was close…

Thanks for reading!

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