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Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind (1991)

by Kitty Ferguson(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 1
0230341993 (ISBN13: 9780230341999)
Palgrave Macmillan Trade
review 1: On the whole a fun and well-written book, giving us the insights into the man's personal life which we crave so much, without crossing into gutter journalism territory. As often with such books a lot of time is wasted on questions in the 'who gives a fuck' category, such as 'is there a place for god in current science'. As for the 'scientific' explanations - don't believe any of them :) Reading this book you will come away with a lot of wrong notions: that antimatter anti-gravitates, that the graviton (a spin 2 particle) sees the world returned to normal after a rotation over 180 degrees etc.
review 2: Kitty Ferguson takes this biography to the final frontier in a captivating history of one of the great visionary minds of our day. Not only does she reveal intim
... moreate details of the iconic physicist who has lived half a century past a death sentence from incurable muscle degeneration, but she explains in layman’s language the fascinating development of his theories on cosmology and his indefatigable pursuit of a complete understanding of why everything exists, the grand unification of quantum mechanics and gravity. Paralysed in body but free to perform mathematical gymnastics in his head even when hospitalized on life support, Stephen Hawking has had an illustrious career trying to explain why our exquisitely engineered universe should exist out of the myriad of theoretically probable cosmological models, building on the anthropic principle to finally declare the limits of “self-referential physics.” less
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very well written, with strong personal flavours and philosophical stance on what science is.
A fairly comprehensive covering of Stephen Hawkings life and works.
good but little bit commercial
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