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Cyanide And Happiness Vol. 2: Ice Cream & Sadness (2010)

by Kris Wilson(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 1
0007319614 (ISBN13: 9780007319619)
HarperCollins Publishers
review 1: The new collection of "Cyanide and Happiness" comics does just what you would expect it to do (if you read the webcomic) - shock you into submission with its dark, twisted, vile, unexpected (or simply scatological or gross or even just merely depressing) endings to what seem like normal comic strip setups. There's nothing in here you'd probably want your grandmother to read, unless you already know she likes the strip, which reads like Gary Larson on a mean drunk bender.To be honest, reading the rather unrelenting (if usually well-played) shock humor palls a bit. This is an awl-to-the-eyeball best taken an inch or two at a time.
review 2: Volume 2 of Cyanide & Happiness is really just more of the same, and I'll say that this volume is just as good. However,
... moreit comes with a section of pseudo-games at the back. Some are hilariously simple (Such as connect the dots with one dot), and others look like they could be very rude but take an uncharacteristic view point of going "Wait up, you're disgusting for thinking that". One example would be a jumbled word, and the one word that immediately stands out is 'Penis' - But it's not the correct answer.If you loved Volume 1, or the webcomic, then you'll love this. My same warning applies, though; If you're sensitive or easily offended, do NOT buy this. less
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One of the best collections of Cyanide and Happiness comics...
So funny! Good if you want a laugh!
Haha hilarious comics.
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