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The Cowboy Kiss (2000)

by Kristen James(Favorite Author)
3.31 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: This is one of those adorable reads that you could see being made into a Hallmark TV Movie; sweet girl, charming boy, a match-making in disguise, quaint setting and totally PG-13. Like a breath of fresh air, Autumn and Cory are very sweet together and leave you with sated sigh in the end.As a novella, it doesn't lack substance like you might think. Ms. James takes great care to bring her characters to life and support their actions in these forty, all too short pages. It isn't anything that will stand out days later, but it will leave you satisfied in the moment. I would have very much enjoyed seeing this as a full length story.
review 2: "A Beautiful, Wholesome Story"This is the first writing of Author Kristen James that I have read. I'm so pleased to have fou
... morend an exceptionally written story, one that is wholesome and sweet to the end. Autumn grew up in the scenic back country area of Oregon. From tourists who visited her family's resort, she gained much travel information which she, herself, dreamed of doing. She wants to see the world and become a travel blogger. There was Cory, a boy she grew up with who was always a pest. When she left home for college, she waved a happy goodbye to him. But to Cory, she took his sunshine away. Cory was a songwriter and his dream was one day making it to Nashville. Now, Autumn's mom wants her to come home; she hasn't visited for about six years. She wants Autumn to blog about their resort to encourage more business. It was a joy for Autumn to drive home to the beauty of the forest, wildlife, and the flowing river. It brought back memories of Cory, her sister Lily, and herself always together while growing up. Mama had just baked her favorite peach pie. Her family sat on the back porch in the early evening waiting for her arrival. And ... there is Cory, strumming his guitar and singing ... 'she took my sunshine with her.' Autumn is surprised to see him, as they never communicated to each other all the years she had been away. The next morning started at 5:30 a.m. where dad planned a fishing trip upstream. On board is Cory, who now guides the fishing trips for their resort, as well as others. She's surprised, but yet pleased, as she wants to hear how the years have been for Cory. Cory teased her a bit asking who was going to catch the biggest fish? The bet was on between Cory and Autumn. But what's the bet? It's a secret, so you'll have to read this story to find out! This is such a sweet, tender story written perfectly with great style. It is as though Author Kristen James has painted a beautiful work of art to hang in your heart forever. I could not finish reading this story without dropping a couple tears down my face. This story is so warm and touching which your soul will love. I will be reading more of her stories. less
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Great quick read, I enjoy reading Kristen James!!
3.5 starsCute, sweet, (very) quick read.
Nice story!!
Really sweet
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