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A Single Voice (2008)

by Kristen McMain Oaks(Favorite Author)
4.22 of 5 Votes: 1
1590388593 (ISBN13: 9781590388594)
Deseret Book
review 1: I really loved the beginning of this book. She had a lot of faith-promoting insights and quotes on the Lord's timing and on living a full life. I felt like much of what she said was applicable for all faith-seeking people, single or married. She shared a lot of thoughts on being in control and having priorities in order in your life. As the book progressed, I felt like there were spots here and there that hit me, but for the most part, I wasn't as invested with much of what she said. The book is geared toward women, though I don't think it needed to be. I would recommend the first half of the book to anyone, and the whole book to single women.
review 2: The best LDS book for singles. Truthful and not full of fluff. Doesn't portrait being single as easy or patro
... morenize you for enjoying the state you're in. Connects with you to understand that your plan b is still plan b and plan a can happen - even if we don't know when or how - and that we keep moving. it reminds us that the people around us may not always understand or even be kind but that we are wonderful children of God and He loves us. There is nothing wrong with us. GIven there are a lot of other LDS "single" books out there that are more demeaning and "whoa's me" this is worlds above. I appreciate that she didn't lecture the readers as well. less
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Not riveting, but good advice and wise thoughts-- for single or married persons. Need to finish...
Finally finished after three years... It was a very good book though.
Vraiment bien.
Great Advice!
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