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Legacy Of The Clockwork Key (2013)

by Kristin Bailey(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 2
1442440260 (ISBN13: 9781442440265)
Simon Pulse
The Secret Order
review 1: This book was without a doubt the best book I've ever read. The first couple chapters were a little slow and I wasn't sure what kind of book it was going to be but when she met will I knew they going to fall in love eventually. When Meg discovered that the clock her grandfather had given her was a key and only she knew the song that would help unlock things that's when it started to reach its climax. She let her curiosity get the best of her even if she knew that it meant that she would lose her job and a place to sleep. I liked how she took chances though because when she found the hidden room in rathfords mansion that's when the book started to get suspenseful. She found a note from her grandfather that was written to rathford and that's why she decided to do all these a... moredventurous things. She wanted to find out if her grandpas was still alive and if he had faked his death to keep her safe. When rathford discovered that she had been there she kicked her out and sent will to watch out for her. So soon as Meg got out of the mansion someone tried to kill her and throughout the book you wonder who that person was. After that night she meets Lucinda and then soon after she meets Oliver and they all set out to find what the killer wanted to get to so badly. It turns out that in the end meg walked right into the trap the whole time and they wanted her there so they could get to the mists brilliant invention ever created. This was an awesome book it was mysterious and suspenfuk just like I like them
review 2: Awesome story!!!! Steampunk is very cool and crazy!! I always find an entertainment topic! This book has such a creative story, full of adventures and action! Meg is a powerful brave girl! She is fierce and full of great will to solve the mysteries about her family. Will is adorable and faithful! I loved them and their romance! Lucinda is crazy and funny, just like Oliver! I had so much fun reading the book!!! less
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Love this book. Hoping to get the full trilogy soon.
Quick read. Great mystery. Lovely characters.
Meh. Great concept. Not-so-great writing.
3.75 stars
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