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Nobody But Us (2013)

by Kristin Halbrook(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 3
006212126X (ISBN13: 9780062121264)
review 1: This is the most stunning, thought-provoking, intensely emotional roller-coaster ride of a book I have read in a long time. I fell in love with these two beautiful characters so quickly. They are both broken, vulnerable, and in desperate need of love. Zoe and Will both come from heartbreakingly broken and abusive backgrounds, yet the two of them together make something worth fighting for. This is a haunting and realistic portrayal of the cycles of abuse and two teens who try with everything they have to overcome their dark pasts. I was so moved by this exquisite novel. I am sorry to see that there are so many negative reviews of this book, because I am afraid that will deter people from reading it, and that would be a tragedy. I was so stunned and devastated by the ... moreending, and I will warn you, it's not sunshine and roses, but that is not what I expected from a realistic story like this. I thought about this book for days after I finished it. I read and re-read and re-read again through the last fifty pages of this book, teasing apart the tangled threads in my mind, analyzing the characters' motivations and actions, and looking for subtle nuances. Every read-through yielded something new, and by the time I was done, I was so irrevocably in love with this story. I hope readers will give it a chance. I was so incredibly moved by this book, and for me, that is the true test of a good read.
review 2: Good, though darker than expected. First I was hoping for a white-knight rescue and an interesting story about runaway kids making it on their own, but that fell apart between his anger management issues and her not seeming much brighter than him (despite the text constantly telling me otherwise). Then I was hoping we could at least salvage the "runaways making it on their own" part, but, well, the unwitting crimes just kept piling up. At least we got a nice little road trip out of it? less
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Wow. This rivals The Fault in Our Stars for most painful ending. Did John Green secretly write this?
I loved this book so much. Such a beautiful but tragic story. I cried at the end.
Magnifique histoire d'amour !!!
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