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Riley (2000)

by Kristin Michelle Adams(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 6
review 1: This story was only 124 pages long. I wasn't going to read it because I thought it was all sex scenes, but there was really a good story attached. Riley is a exotic dancer and owns his own club. Nikki is also an exotic dancer at another club. She has loved Riley for two years ever since she saw him dance. One day she gets to spend time with him (sexually) and he can't forget her. She keeps pushing him away. She has a terrible secret and she is also a single mother of a three year old girl, named, Hope. When Riley starts to fall in love with Nikki, she decides to tell him her secret, but he doesn't leave her side. This will make you cry, but it is a very good story
review 2: Love when it is real should never be wasted and the storyline in this book is a
... more prime example of that. I especially like seeing strength in the characters when life becomes hard. With such a hard topic it is hard to realistically portray the desired outcome in such a short book. Luckily fiction doesn't have to even remotely follow real life. It would be great to see what this author could do if she went into more depth and proactive support both before and after publishing. I look forward to seeing what this author will do in future books. less
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Way too fast paced. For a contemporary love story, it didn't seem like it would actually possible.
What a tear jerker...not the ending that I thought was coming.
wow what a book short but sweet cryed my eyes out fab xx
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