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Drifting House (2012)

by Krys Lee(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 5
0670023256 (ISBN13: 9780670023257)
Viking Adult
review 1: I feel bad giving this book two stars. For its ambition and scope, it deserves more, but if I'm honest I have to say the stories became repetitive after a while (if the plots were to be summarized into a couple sentences), and that for this reader at least, the voice and tone of a couple stories felt off. However, again, because of its scope of human experience and perspectives, it is worth a revisit and deep thought. In spite of the issues I personally felt it had, it was never boring, and I found myself looking for the next story after I turned the last page, if only to see where we were going next and how the by-then-familiar storyline would be retold.
review 2: With both pinpoint focus and a large communal scope, the stories in this collection flash upon al
... morel aspects of the contemporary Korean experience--emigrating, being left behind, prosperity and poverty, crossings and the clash of the contemporary against the traditional. The stories can be subtle, like "At the Edge of the World" in which a North Korean father tries to adjust to a new life and a new family in LA. Or there can be a tour-de-force feel, as is found in "Beautiful Women," which is sweeping in its portraits of the fates of vulnerable women in Korea. But this isn't a book about "Korean-ness." Behind all these stories is the vision of a serious literary artist, dealing with universal notions of alienation, dislocation and abandonment. But there's connection and self-fulfillment, too, as is found by the narrator of "Goose Father." This is the opposite of escapist reading--it takes you to a new place, challenges you and then rewards your efforts. less
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Haunting, touching + sad short stories, about change and immigration and family and love and loss.
I'll need to ponder this one awhile. It's frank, evocative and, in places, disturbing.
Some stories were weaker than others, but for the ones I like, I rate this book.
Very awkward prose.
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