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Oyun (2012)

by Krystyna Kuhn(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
Pegasus Yayıncılık
Das Tal, Season 1
review 1: Good book; read this in a English, and it was quite a good book, really spooky, there were some bits that had me wondering who was behind me (no one, obviously), and 'Julia' and 'Robert' are secretive characters that are always being wondered about. I always thought they had a deeper secret than the real secrete though. The last 6 lines in Chapter 26 freaked the life out of me. Finding out who the real antagonist really surprised me. Only lost a mark because of lack of emotion and fun in the dialogue and script, even though it was a strong book for mystery and secrets. Also, Chris should have had a bigger secret.
review 2: I sincerely hope the translator did a poor job of this, and that it reads better in German. Perhaps it is me, but almost all of the books in
... more translation that I have read lately are disappointing. The English in this is not particularly fluent, and in many places clumsy writing pulled me out of the story.Spoilers ahead.The story itself was not great. Julia and her decidedly odd brother Robert are sent to a university for gifted students in the Canadian Rockies. On arrival Robert declares the place "Evil." Julia has a hard time settling in. She and Robert have some kind of terrible secret that she doesn't want anyone to find out. An incident happens at an illegal party by the lake, and Robert is declared a liar and reprimanded for putting another student's life at risk. Later that day the drowned body of another student is discovered. It turns out the dead student was blackmailing others, and one of her victims murdered her, using the party as cover. A plot like this needs very good writing or strong characters to prevent it becoming cliched. Unfortunately the writing wasn't that great, and the characters were, on the whole, awful. Julia is unpleasant and irrational, and I did not warm to her at all. Her three flatmates were sketches - the bald, pretty one, the annoying one and the silent Asian one. Robert's flatmates were the good guy, the annoying guy and the mysterious one (who struck me as creepy). Robert's character was not explored at all, except through Julia's very narrow view. The big reveal of Julia's and Robert's secret was a bit ho-hum - they were in a witness protection scheme. I did wonder, though, about them assuming the identities of two recently-deceased teens who were originally supposed to go to the college. It seemed very odd. All in all, not my favourite read. less
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Spannungsgeladene, leichte Kost.
Hat mir gar nicht gefallen
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