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Lotus Lane #3: Lulu: My Glamorous Life (2013)

by Kyla May(Favorite Author)
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Scholastic Inc.
Lotus Lane
review 1: Stylish Lulu is thrilled to have the chance to compete in the Sleuth Sally Look-alike Contest. Not only does she adore the character, but she also has a lot in common with Penelope Glitter, who plays Sleuth Sally. As she plans her outfits, her best friends Kiki and Coco help her, and she tries to be open to a new friendship with new girl Mika. But it's hard to do so when Mika is still friends with Lulu's archrival who just so happens to be dressed exactly like Lulu in the first stage of the competition. The book explores Lulu's uncertainty about Mika and the satisfaction she gets from having loyal friends and a volunteer job working at an animal shelter. I like the fact that the girls in the Lotus Lane series seem to have a lot more going for them than just their appeara... morences.
review 2: Lulu has now started a diary like her fellow Lotus Lane Girls Club members, Kiki and Coco. She chronicles her attempts to win a contest to meet her favorite most glamorous celebrity. Of course, her BFFs are there to help her be her best. And new girl on the street, Mika, is even trying to help. Or is she? Maybe she is just spying for that bully Katy Krupski who is also part of the competition? How will Lulu know who to trust? This third entry in the Lotus Lane series is a fabulously fun story of friendship for young girls 1st-3rd grades. less
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Book 3 in the Lotus Lane series. Great book for younger readers.
I think this book is really creative and thoughtful
I read these books twice which I usually don't do!
Least favorite of the series
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