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Intrinsical (2010)

by Lani Woodland(Favorite Author)
3.81 of 5 Votes: 1
0982729707 (ISBN13: 9780982729700)
Pendrell Publishing
The Yara Silva Trilogy
review 1: This was one crazy twist on the traditional ghost tale. I don't want to give anything away, but Yara is a great character. Right from the start, you will find yourself drawn in by the girl with the heritage to see ghosts, but she wants to ignore it for a normal life. After starting attendance at a private school, she finds herself unable to get away from her heritage, and things get dangerous for her when she interrupts the plans of one dangerous ghost. This book is well worth reading, and I will be looking at others from this author.
review 2: Hmm. I honestly think at least some of my issues with this book were to do with the fact that the main character's name is 'Yara', and Melbourne's river is the Yarra. So any time her name was mentioned, I'd just see a ri
... morever in my brain. Between that, and the fact that I kept reading 'Waker' (one who can astral project and communicate with the dead) as 'Wanker', I was clearly doomed to have problems with this book.As is often the case with me, I enjoyed the idea more than the execution. A 16 year old girl who suddenly finds she can communicate with ghosts? Excellent. And it throws you right into the action, which was excellent. But as the book progressed, I found myself sighing more and more often. A lot of the time, it was in relation to the school and how it was portrayed. So it's an expensive boarding school, right? Fine. Traditionally, such schools have a relatively small student population, especially in the US. So why does it have multiple dormitories if the dormitory Yana lives in is at least seven storeys high with enough rooms on each floor that Cherie ends up in room 774? Assuming at least 74 rooms per floor, and two students per room (as seems to be the case), you're talking over 1,000 students in that one building alone. A simple Google search shows that the largest school in the US that offers boarding has 1,650 students, but that less than 100 of those are boarders.And when Brent mentioned that his brother hadn't been home in over two years, I had a serious "Uhhhh???" moment. It may be a boarding school, but schools still close over the summer. Hogwarts is not exceptional in refusing to let students stay over the summer break. I also had some issues with the timing - one minute it's the first week of school and Yara's doing an introductory speech in class. The next minute, she's discussing how she's been at school for several months now, with little evidence to support a time cut of that magnitude. And as the book went on, there seemed to be some element of time travel involved that just didn't make any sense at all.Look, I'm definitely nit-picking the negatives here. It was a fun read, with a nice mystery element on top of the expected paranormal side. And maybe if I didn't have first hand experience with boarding schools, I'd feel differently. less
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I thought this book was very original and loved every minute of it.
So cute.
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