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That's The Spirit (2013)

by Lani Woodland(Favorite Author)
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Geek Girl Publishing
The Pom Pom Periodicals
review 1: 2.5This was o.k to much unrealistic drama.Chelsea has dropped her enemy Alicia by accident but nobody believes her because Alicia just stole her boyfriend en Chelsea is laughing her ass off while Alicia has a bone sticking out her leg.Now nobody talks to her and to make matters worse she has to work with Cody Alicia’s twin brother to make a school project.Cody and Chelsea hate each other. Cody is very mean and his pranks are mean to.I wished Chelsea would talk to someone about the bullying.Cody and Chelsea kiss then we have drama, drama, drama.The story was weak and high on drama but the writing was not bad.
review 2: So, at first I thought I might enjoy this, but as I kept reading I was more and more horrified by it. First of all, Cody was an asshole until t
... morehe very end. He was pathetic, and mean and petty. And I could never in the whole book see a point in which he actually changed and actually deserved Chelsea. Even Chad was a better person than Cody, and I actually found myself cheering for them to get back together instead of Chelsea locking lips with that idiot. And all the “problems” got solved in one second, some examples: 1) Chelsea forgives Cody for being an asshole way too easily 2) her father suddenly decides to get better 3) everybody REALIZES (FUCKING FINALLY) that Chelsea isn’t the psycho from one moment to another. If I was Chelsea I’d have kicked Cody in the balls a loooooooong time ago. I wouldn’t recommend this book to anybody with a working brain (because of COURSE that after the dude bullies you through the whole year YOU’RE SO GOING TO WANT TO KISS HIM AND FIND HIM HOOOOOT). less
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I didn't expect to like this books as much as I did. Loved it. I think it would make a cute movie.
So cute! This was a really funny book. I loved Cody.
This was all sorts of cute! Review to come...
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