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Plain Jayne (2014)

by Laura Drewry(Favorite Author)
3.63 of 5 Votes: 5
0804177732 (ISBN13: 9780804177733)
review 1: I liked this book as I found the story was well written and the characters were very funny. The relationship between Nick and Jayne was lovely, but at times I was shaking my head with how stupid Nick could be and I just felt sorry for Jayne. But I liked it how Nick finally saw that he was in love with Jayne and I liked that Jayne started to get confidence in herself and even kicked Nick out of her home. Overall a very good read, it had me laughing and I think I had a smile throughout the whole story. And the ending made me go ahh. xox
review 2: You know how sometimes you read a book, and you like the characters but you don't much care for their story? That's how I felt about this book. I liked both main characters (and most of the secondary characters, espe
... morecially the girls' night friends), but I wanted them to have a different setup, because the one they have is problematic. In a romance novel wherein the hero is dating a girl (not the heroine) who loves him but whom he doesn't love but whom he persists in dating for about 80% of the book, we should not have to deal with all the secondary characters -- including that girlfriend and the hero's mother -- accusing the heroine of being a home wrecker and all-around good-for-nothing. That one thing was enough to destroy the whole book for me (but, of course, there were other things that I found problematic as well...). That said, I really did like the characters, and it made me beyond happy that the heroine spends her time cleaning out her crazysauce grandmother's hoarder home so she can open up a bookstore there. Three cheers for bookstores. less
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Cute and easy read. Characters were very likable. Ending was cheesy and predictable but that's okay.
I loved this book--I hope this turns into a series! Would love to read more about Ellie and Maya!
The story was so going and kind of boring. could have passed on this one.
fun read
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